At Gilman, we are fortunate to have a comprehensive kindergarten through twelfth grade counseling program, which includes a full-time counselor in each division. Our role is to watch over the social and emotional life of the school.
          To that end, I make sure to have an active presence at every grade level in the Lower School. I believe it’s important for the boys to become familiar and feel comfortable with me before they need me. I don’t want to be a stranger in an unknown office down the hall. I work at building this rapport and comfort in a variety of ways including friendship groups, classroom social-emotional learning, class meetings, lunch bunches, read alouds, as well as Team Greyhound. (Team Greyhound is our LS-wide catch-them-being-good program.)
          Students are referred to me by parents and teachers, but I actively encourage the boys to come talk with me on their own when they feel a need as well. When I work with a student individually, it could be a one-time meeting on a specific concern or incident, or it may include regular check-ins throughout the school year. A student can let his teacher know if he would like to see me, or he can use a self-referral form that is available in all the classrooms and outside my office. My door is always open to the boys Some of the concerns we may discuss include managing emotions, stress, anger, anxiety, social issues or conflicts, or family and home issues.
          From time to time as need warrants, I run small groups to support students coping with specific issues such as changing families/divorce, managing anger, and ADHD. And lastly, we plan parent events including coffees on various topics for parents at different grade levels. Look for emails from me with more details about these programs.
          I encourage you to use me as a resource. If you have a concern but you’re not sure if it’s a counseling issue, please contact me, and we’ll figure it out together. My door is open!
** In her twelfth year at Gilman, Ms. Jordan is originally from the Philadelphia area where she graduated from Germantown Academy. She earned her B.A. in Rhetoric and Public Communications from Tulane University and an M.A. in Counseling from Arcadia University. Before going into counseling, Ms. Jordan worked in political writing and public relations in New Orleans and Philadelphia. She held school counseling positions in Cheltenham and Upper Dublin School Districts before moving to Baltimore to become part of the Gilman family.