Lunch Bunch

I want to offer to the boys in each homeroom another zoom opportunity to connect with each other and me! These Lunch or Snack Bunches are absolutely optional for students to attend. If you or your son is zoomed out, it’s ok to skip this. The format is 20 minutes every other week to spend with each other to chat. I will start with a quick check-in, but after that try to keep it informal. Boys are encouraged to bring their lunch or a snack. Boys are also expected to follow Zoom behavior rules outlined by their homeroom teachers.

Week One (which will start this week) will be for the younger grades. The schedule is below. I will publish the older grade schedule as soon as it’s finalized. Your homeroom teachers will push out the Zoom code and Password. I can’t publish them here because this is a public website.

Week One

Monday 11am KA, 11:30 KB, 12pm P1A 12:30 P1B

Tuesday 11am 1A, 11:30 1B , 12pm 1C

Wednesday 11am 2A, , 11:30 2B 12pm 2C

And last, a silly picture you’re welcome to show your boys. I tried to take a selfie with Peggy but the outtakes were hilarious! (While it looks like she’s snarling, she was actually mid-yawn!)

Miss Jordan and Peggy