How are you?

Week of April 6, 2020

Dear Parents,

How are you?. I know it’s an understatement to say this is a stressful time, but hopefully we can take some comfort that we are part of a caring and supportive community. I know how hard you are working to keep things as normal as possible for your children – creating routines, protecting your children from news, protecting them from stress. Please be kind to yourselves. You can do everything right, and your children will still feel what’s going on and have an emotional response. That is normal. As another parent said to me, that despite everything they were doing right during this crisis, it’s “in the ether.”  Your children will give you clues if they are struggling. I’ve included a link to an article that outlines mental health signs to watch out for during this time of Covid 19.

Huffpost – 10 Mental Health Signs To Watch Out For In Kids In The Age of COVID 19

Some of these things will pass. You will need to give extra reassurances and be a little more patient. But if you feel concerned about your son, please don’t hesitate to contact me ( and 410-323-3800 x484) or an outside therapist – many are still doing tele-sessions. There are also many useful links on the Covid 19 Social Emotional Resources page of this blog (see menu at the top of this page) – this includes social emotional activities your son can do as well as resources and information for parents.

We are all experiencing grief and trauma right now – there’s no way to get around it. Even if we haven’t experienced personal loss through this pandemic, we are experiencing the loss of our routines and institutions that ground us, the loss of the freedom to move around easily and safely, the loss of events and activities we were looking forward to, the loss of our work communities and our social networks. These are real losses that adults and children alike are experiencing. We have to acknowledge and honor that. Not finishing that school assignment, not getting the laundry done, not completing something for work — that’s ok. Let it go. If you need to take a walk, exercise, just do something silly with your kids, or even take a nap, do that. That is taking care of yourself during this very difficult time. It’s important.

That Discomfort You’re Feeling is Grief – Harvard Business Review

Positive Parenting & COVID-19: 10 Tips to Help Keep the Calm at Home –

We will get through this together. I’m here to help you and your sons anyway I can.