Is it Rude? Is it Mean? Or is it Bullying?

This was a topic of discussion at the American School Counseling Association (ASCA) annual conference this summer in Denver. When rude and mean behaviors are overgeneralized as bullying, a pressing issue loses its urgency. Signe Whitson did a great breakout session on this subject. This was the focus during our SHARE program time with 3rd and 5th grade on Friday, October 27 (4th grade was on a field trip and will do their SHARE on Monday, November 9) We also talked about it at today’s Coffee with the Counselor.

Here’s a blog post by Signe Whitson, who led the breakout session at the conference.

For these homeroom discussions, teachers started by showing the linked powerpoint  presentation that defined the three categories. (Created by Jeannie Maddox of Explore School Counseling Blog )

Rude Mean Bullying Powerpoint

Using various scenarios (from Jeannie Maddox and Signe Whitson) our boys where then asked to put the scenarios and situations into each of the three categories. Good discussions were had in all the homerooms, and we now have a common language to use when talking about these behaviors. We will continue to talk about this with our students, along with the next steps — how to handle rude behavior, how to apologize, what to do when you see bullying, etc.)