Welcome to the 2017-18 School Year!

Welcome (to new Gilman Parents) and welcome back! It’s been great seeing you and your boys back at Gilman. I’m excited to get a new school year started. As the full-time lower school counselor it’s my role to look after the social/emotional well-being of our Lower School community.

It’s important for me to build rapport with all the boys so that if they need my support they will see me as someone safe whom they can trust. To that end, I keep an active presence at all of our grade levels. I’m scheduled to visit each homeroom once a cycle. During this time we’ll read stories and do activities related to social/emotional wellness — this may cover friendship skills, meditation and mindfulness, and character topics, among other subjects.

I’m also available to provide students support in a one-on-one setting or small groups. Teachers may refer a student to see me, a student may self-refer, or, of course, parents may ask me to meet with their son. While I am a resource to our students, faculty, and administration, I am also a resource for you. Please feel free to call, email, or stop by if you have any questions or concerns.

In addition to communicating through this blog,  I will be hosting coffees throughout the school year where we can talk in a casual setting. I will include a list of dates and subjects (where appropriate) below. These dates will also be available on the Upcoming Events page of this blog. Which brings me to a second way for me to communicate with you. Please check in from time to time or follow for notifications of updates. (The link is also included in the weekly parent email from Tammy Testerman)

I’m looking forward to the year ahead. If you have a concern but you’re not sure if it’s a counseling issue, please contact me, and we’ll figure it out together. My door is open!



Parent Coffee Schedule

September 28 (Thurs) – New Parents Meet the School Counselor, 8am-9am, Centennial Hall in Carey Hall

November 2 (Thurs) – All welcome! Is it Rude? Is it Mean? Or is it Bullying?  A Conversation about Children’s Behavior, 8am-9am, Centennial Hall in Carey Hall

December 6 (Wed) –  Subject Open or TBD, 8am-9am, Centennial Hall in Carey Hall

January 18 (Thurs) – Subject Open or TBD, 8am-9am, Centennial Hall in Carey Hall

March 27 (Tues) – Subject Open or TBD, 8am-9am, Centennial Hall in Carey Hall

May 1 (Tues) – 5th Grade Parents – The Social/emotional transition to MS and meet the MS Counselor, 8am-9am, Centennial Hall in Carey Hall