50 Ways to Say “Yes!” to Your Son

With spring break here, days getting longer and warmer, and summer just around the corner here are some simple ideas to connect with your son. Enjoy!

  1. Plan a meal together.
  2. Take a “nature walk” around your neighborhood.
  3. Look at the stars.
  4. Sleep in a tent in your backyard or in your living room.
  5. Sing together in the car to your favorite songs.
  6. Pick out some books together at the library, and read aloud to each other.
  7. Take him on a “date” – just you and him.
  8. Lie on the grass and find shapes in the clouds.
  9. Play ball.
  10. Recycle.
  11. Visit a museum. Let him lead the way. Talk to each other about what you see.
  12. Bake cookies together.
  13. Tell jokes.
  14. Row a boat or take a bike ride.
  15. Invite his friends over as a surprise.
  16. Have a dance contest.
  17. Take a walk in the rain. Splash in the puddles!
  18. Treat him the way you want to be treated.
  19. Walk on the beach and collect shells.
  20. Wash the dishes together by hand.
  21. Make a clubhouse together.
  22. Dance like crazy!
  23. Instead of driving to a nearby store, walk there together.
  24. Plan an imaginary trip.
  25. Write a story together.
  26. Turn off the car radio and all other devices in the car.
  27. Blow bubbles together.
  28. Make paper airplanes.
  29. Kiss and hug him.
  30. Plant a garden together. Let him pick some things he wants to grow.
  31. Go swimming.
  32. Clean the house together.
  33. Find a new recipe and make it together.
  34. Get up early and watch the sunrise.
  35. Make faces.
  36. Help him pick out old toys (in good condition) to donate to charity.
  37. Play with clay.
  38. Explore your neighborhood or nearby park. Let him lead the way. Bring a bag for collecting things.
  39. Listen to him.
  40. Have a lazy weekend morning where you have breakfast in bed and just laze around together.
  41. Laugh.
  42. Tell him a story about you as a child.
  43. Bake a cake together. Let him decorate it any way he likes.
  44. Have dinner by candlelight.
  45. Play cards.
  46. Get your cameras or smartphones and go for a photo journey through your neighborhood or a park.
  47. Take the dog for a walk together. (Don’t forget to pick up after Fido!)
  48. Ask him what he would love to do with you.
  49. Host a family yard sale together and donate the proceeds to the charity of his choice..
  50. Tell him what is great about him.